Leaked cable: Ex-EC chief issued 60,000 fake ICs

Leaked cable: Ex-EC chief issued 60,000 fake ICs
Joseph Sipalan
Sep 20, 11
A leaked US Embassy cable carries an explosive charge against former Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman – that he admitted to issuing more than 60,000 fake Malaysian identity cards to foreign workers in Sabah in the 1990s – on Umno’s orders.
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Military spouses: EC now blames duplications on registrars

Responding to the allegation by DAP that voters had been registered under the civilian MyKad of their army spouses, the Election Commission (EC) today told its assistant voter registration officers (AROs) to be more careful in carrying out their duties.

EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said the errors could be due to the negligence of military officers who have been appointed AROs.

A report in Malay language daily Berita Harian today quotes Wan Ahmad reminding the AROs to inspect the personal details of those who wanted to register as voters before submitting their applications to the commission, especially their names and MyKad numbers.

He said mistakes made by AROs in recording the details of voters would tarnish the image of the EC, which has been the subject of criticism by the opposition.

An ARO is an EC appointee to register new voters as the commission is short of manpower.

Wan Ahmad said as a responsible body, the EC always reminds its AROs, including those appointed by the Defence Ministry, to scrutinise the names of newly-registered voters, including postal voters.

For full story Here http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=18956:military-spouses-ec-now-blames-duplications-on-registrars&Itemid=2

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The traitors who sold our nation to immigrants

The traitors who sold our nation to immigrants
Sep 4, 11 9:46am
vox populi small thumbnail‘Thousands of Filipinos and Indonesian to become citizens in Sabah in exchange for votes. The same is happening in the peninsula now.’
RCI on Sabah illegal migrants unlikely, says cable

Disgusted: The people who sold Sabah to Umno are the Sabahan traitors from PBS, Upko, PBRS, etc – leaders like Pairin Kitingan, Bernard Dompok, Maximus Ongkili and Joseph Kurup of Kadazandusun (the largest ethnic group).

They have supported Umno and allowed it to increase the Muslim population via Project M by granting citizenship to immigrants (whether illegal or legal immigrants) and giving them identity documents known as IC (identity card), and subsequently MyKad, and allowing them to register as voters to keep Umno-BN in power.

Dhammika: This Wikileaks cable is shocking. Previously this news was considered rumours, but now it seems to be the truth. Dr Mahathir Mohamad has sowed very bad seeds under his premiership. The roots are now too deep to be eradicated.

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星爷找Kaki参加BERSIH (with BM Subtitles)

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EVYbody: 709阿JIB哥唔沖涼(with Eng subtitles)

Uploaded by  on 30 Aug 2011

We salute everyone who dares to stand up for their rights. This MV is a participatory project of 50 Malaysians, generation of 709. We believe we can make a change, and we NEED to change! Stop ignoring and start walking! Practise your rights and come out to vote wisely! There is still hope if you do.

This song and mv is a work of EVYbody. EVYbody is not a band. We are not even musicians. To find out more about us, join us on facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/evybody and click “like”

Read about “Meet the totally reformed MCA…”  from http://www.magickriver.org/2011/09/meet-totally-reformed-mca.html

That’s right, folks, from now on the only MCA I acknowledge is the Mutant Chinese Association, as beautifully represented by the talented team who created this catchy video inspired by BERSIH 2.0 (hence the 709 tag). Go to their Facebook page and give them a LIKE – at least!

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Even PR(=permanent resident) ‘applicant’ spotted on electoral roll

Even PR ‘applicant’ spotted on electoral roll
Aidila Razak
Aug 27, 11
The controversy surrounding the 1,000-odd purported permanent residents listed as voters on the Election Commission (EC) website took another twist with a temporary identity card holder found in the mix.

The controversy surrounding the 1,000-odd purported permanent residents listed as voters on the Election Commission (EC) website took another twist with a temporary identity card holder found in the mix. 

Following a tip-off by members of PAS Youth, Malaysiakini found that Yusnati Haris Lakmana, 27, who is listed as a voter on the EC website, is a holder of a temporary identity card.

A temporary identity card is green in colour, while permanent residents are given red IDs and Malaysian citizens, blue. 

Checking the National Registration Department (NRD) database, publicly accessible on their website, revealed this. 

The NRD check showed that Yusnati is a holder of a green identity card (MyKad), and has collected the card.

This means that Yusnati, a voter in the Chempaka state constituency and Pandan parliamentary constituency, is not yet a permanent resident but is in the process of applying to be one.

Malaysiakini has contacted the NRD, which said that it will run a check to confirm Yusnati’s status on Monday as it does not operate on weekends. 

‘Technical’ error says EC

The Election Commission said that it will only be able to run checks after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri break as the officer responsible is already on leave. 
In the case of the 1,000-odd permanent residents previously found on the roll, the NRD and EC clarified that this was due to “technical negligence“.

For full story Here http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=18396:more-permanent-residents-found-on-electoral-roll&Itemid=2

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PAS Youth reveals EC irregularities

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Penang PAS Youth has held a press conference at Komtar to reveal several irregularities in the electoral roll. Some of these include two voters age 127 years, a large number of voters from countries which cannot be identified and one whose address is at Pusat Serenti.

For full story Here http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=18021:video-pas-reveals-ec-irregularities&Itemid=12

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PC Mat Sabu 19 August 2011.mp4

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Vienna Looi: My Bersih 2.0 Experience

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Generation 709 Forum, Petaling Jaya 21/07/2011

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Ribuan Nelayan Bugis Menjadi Warga Malaysia

Uploaded by on 3 Aug 2008


Sabah: Menjadi warga suatu negara adalah hak asasi manusia. Itu pula yang menjadi keyakinan ribuan nelayan asal Bone dan Enrekang, Sulawesi Selatan, yang memilih menjadi warga negara Malaysia. Mereka kini menetap di kawasan Batu Dua Laut, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.

Beberapa anak Bugis sudah tak hafal lagi lagu Indonesia Raya. Sebaliknya, para bocah itu fasih melagukan Negaraku sebagai lagu kebangsaan mereka. Apa mau dikata, orang tua, kakek, dan nenek mereka telah memilih melepaskan kewarganegaran Indonesia dan beralih menjadi warga Malaysia sekitar 20 tahun silam.

Di Kampung Batu Dua Laut, sedikitnya ditinggali lima ribu nelayan keturunan Bone dan Enrekang. Mina, warga Enrekang, mengaku sudah tinggal di sana sejak belum memiliki anak. Pada awalnya nelayan keturunan Bone dan Enrekang memutuskan bermukim di tempat ini karena alasan ekonomi. Mereka menilai lebih mudah mencari ikan di perairan Malaysia. Meski sudah menjadi warga negara Malaysia, mereka tetap menjalani adat istiadat Bugis sampai saat ini.

Keberadaan para nelayan keturunan Bone dan Enrekang ini telah diakui pihak Kerajaan Malaysia. Sebagai bukti, mereka telah memegang may card, semacam kartu tanda penduduk. Bahkan, Partai United Malay National Organization (UMNO), partai terbesar Malaysia menjadikan mereka sebagai basis perolehan suara.

Eksodus warga Indonesia ke Malaysia karena alasan ekonomi juga dilakukan sejumlah warga yang tinggal di Desa Temajuk, Paloh Sambas, Kalimantan Barat. Warga yang sebagian besar nelayan dan petani itu kemudian tinggal di Kampung Telok Melano, Malaysia.

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