Tung Shin doctors confirm tear gas fired

… the question is – do u need to be brave to tell the truth?

The group of 11 were on duty on July 9 when the police fired the toxic material into the Tung Shin compound to flush out supporters of the Bersih 2.0 rally, who had been forced to hide by over-aggressive FRU troops swinging batons in a bid to break up the crowd.

The Tung Shin doctors also condemned the police for entering the hospital buildings in search of the fleeing marchers. On that day, more 1,600 were arrested, thousands injured and one death was reported.

“It is repulsive that the authorities entrusted with policing the nation and protecting the weak and needy, have shamelessly denied publicly, the occurrence of these incidents in spite of countless photos, videos and eye-witness accounts of what was evident to all independent observers,” said the doctors.

These are brave Malaysians – The 11 doctors were Musa Nordin, Sheikh Johari Bux, Ng Kwee Boon, Ng Swee Choon, Ronald Macoy, David Quek, Mary Cardozo, Farouk Musa, Mazeni Alwi, Pixie Low and Steve Wong. They offered to sign affidavits to back their testimony.

The doctors’ press statement is Here http://bersih.org/?p=4447

For full story Here

“Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth.” Pable Picasso


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