Tung Shin & 3 Idiots

Thursday, July 14, 2011 by  Khoo Kay Peng

I was at the Tung Shin hospital compound, like hundreds of others, trying to find a dry spot and to avoid the incessant and hostile tear gas attacks by the FRU. Like these hundreds, I was horrified when the FRU shot tear gas canisters into the hospital compound. The effect was felt even at the main entrance of the hospital.

Why did the KL Police Chief, IGP, Health Minister, MCA President & PM Najib deny any attack was ever launched into the hospital compound?

Health Minister even suggested these canisters were swept by gushing wind into the area. There was plenty of water and rain but not wind. Lucky for us! If not the effect of tear gas would have affected even more people.

Who are the 3 idiots in this situation?


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