Liow, it’s all your own doing

Liow, it’s all your own doing
Jul 17, 11 8:13am
‘You lied with a straight face. Put simply, you shot yourself in the foot. Your lie has blown right back in your own face.
DannyLoHH: In his first public statement, the health minister used words like irresponsible, serious allegation with the aim to tarnish the name of Malaysia, if it didn’t happen means it didn’t happen, and it’s the truth to describe the non-occurring of police shooting water canon and tear-gas canister into Tung Shin Hospital compound.

The video is widely circulated online, which clearly shows that the attitude of Liow Tiong Lai is defensive of the police and dismissive of enquiries regarding mounting video and photographic evidence. In short, he has shot his own foot on TV.

There is nobody out there trying to get him, he had dug the hole himself. It would show more character if he owed up and apologise than continue with this charade of trying to spin his way out of the mess he put himself in.

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