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Who would expect the daughter of a former Malaysian Prime Minister (PM) to come forward to voice her sentiment and position with regards to the Bersih rally? That daughter is none other than Marina Mahathir, the daughter of the longest serving PM of Malaysia who has time and again shown Malaysians that being the daughter of a former PM does not silence her from saying and doing something that may appear to be at divergence with the government that her father once led. Her presence at the Bersih rally with her children makes her a unique person that dared the odds of being ridiculed and be seen as an outcast by the ruling elite, and also probably from some close associate of her father. I salute her for being different and her resolve at wanting to be together with the people to witness for herself the genuine surge in ‘people’s power’ demanding only what is rightfully theirs. Had Marina been at the forefront of Bersih from the very outset, I believe she would have drawn more protestors and be named the ‘crown jewel’ of the Bersih movement. I think she must have inherited some of her father’s traits i.e. resoluteness and stubbornness. 

Being a participant at the rally, Marina obviously had a firsthand insight into all that occurred during the rally. She must have savoured the tear gas and the chemical laced water that rained over the participants. I believe too that Marina had a conscience and a strong belief in the cause of Bersih; otherwise it would be rather foolish of her to be in the crowd. This is certainly unlike the coward Ibrahim Ali or the DPM Muhyiddin himself who must have observed the rally via remote control, and they are the ones now making statements that they have little knowledge about. Surprisingly, MIC leaders have taken a step back and avoided making any statement about Bersih. This can give rise to speculation that MIC may have an opposing view concerning the rally that may not be in consonant with its partners in BN.

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