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Can there be no other reputable person for Utusan Malaysia (UM) to solicit a comment on the Bersih rally? Is UM running short of commentators that they are forced to solicit an ex-con for a comment in the person of the former IGP Rahim Nor? Why Rahim Nor? Did they not know that he was the person that ‘butchered’ Anuar Ibrahim blue in the famous black eye incident in 1998? Why not a more respectable and honourable person like Tun Hanif Omar or any other former IGP’s except this Rahim Nor? I know the reason? UM is trying to pit Rahim Nor with Anuar Ibrahim again in order to incite a response from Anuar. This is a silly move by UM; pitting others to sensationalize a news report in order to increase its declining sales. I might as well tell you that I have ceased reading or even getting near UM for years now. I think UM is only good as a toilet paper.

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