Biometric system: Using a missile to kill a fly

Biometric system: Using a missile to kill a fly
Jul 24, 11 8:30am
vox populi small thumbnail‘It sounds like a sophisticated way to cheat the public. Why not the indelible ink option – it is not only cheap but effective as well.’

Gov’t to fund EC’s biometric system: PM

Voice: The voters want indelible ink, not electronic systems that can be manipulated. Previously the EC cancelled the use of indelible ink just before the 12th general election and gave the reason that there is a loophole and people can sue the government for this practice.

A few years have gone by and the EC head still says the same thing. But why has nothing been done during this period to amend the law to plug the loopholes and allow indelible ink?

I am convinced if they had wanted to change the laws to do so, Pakatan Rakyat would have also voted for it in Parliament.

Anyway, who is going to sue the government for the use of indelible ink? I believe this biometric system will not able to solve the phantom voters problem.


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