EC – see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil

Jul 30, 11 9:18am
your say‘Why bother telling us what you can’t do. Tell us what needs to be done and should have been done now to ensure free and fair elections.’

Ambiga grills Wan Ahmad in Round 2

Ong: EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar forgot to tell us that this “management body” is 100 percent responsible for ‘managing’ the gargantuan scale of gerrymandering that manipulates the parliamentary constituency boundaries in such a way that in the 2008 general election, BN won Putrajaya (a seat with 6,608 registered voters) and Lenggong (23,223 registered voters), whereas Pakatan Rakyat won Kapar (112,224 registered voters) and Serdang (94,877 registered voters).

The EC ‘management body’ has managed our election process in such a way that one vote in Putrajaya is worth the same as 17 votes in Kapar.


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