Samad Said: Hound the PM wherever he goes

July 29 – National laureate A Samad Said has called on Malaysian youths to keep hounding prime minister Najib Razak to push forward Bersih’s eight demands of electoral reforms.

Reacting to the arrest of ten people who tried to hand over a memorandum to Najib at the KL Sentral station yesterday, Pak Samad also urged Najib not to fear engaging with the people, syaing he would otherwise risk another wave of protests.

“If our state of democracy still remains the same, I suggest that wherever Najib goes, a group of youth approach him and give him the memo (on Bersih’s electoral reforms),” Pak Samad told Harakahdaily in an interview.

Pak Samad said he had been following the plight of the 10 people arrested up to their release.

He said by choosing not to accept the memorandum, Najib had failed to uphold his own 1Malaysia slogan of “People First”.

“Here is the voice of a group of educated and spirit youngsters, who want to help the country. I don’t understand … a prime minister who talks about ‘1Malaysia, People First’ … it is not at all being practised,” Pak Samad stressed.

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