Vandals strike in Perlis in bid to ‘provoke’ Bersih


KANGAR, Jun 24: A spate of vandalisation of private properties here has Perlis PAS sounding a warning of attempts to paint a negative image on the electoral reforms rally planned in Kuala Lumpur on July 9.

In one incident, vandals spray-painted the word “Bersih 2.0” on a  Toyota Camry car parked near a supermarket here, while a wall nearby was painted “Joint Bersih 2.0” [sic] in large letters.

A stone’s throw away, another wall was sprayed with the graffiti “Hidup PAS” (“Long Live PAS”).

Perlis PAS, saying the party’s supporters were not behind such acts of vandalism, cautioned against attempts to create tension among people in the state.

State PAS deputy commissioner Azmir Azizan described the acts as “provocations”.

“This kind of acts could be the work of some mischievous children or quarters encouraged by certain organisations, and are part of attempts to portray Bersih negatively and sow the seeds of hatred among the public.

“Perlis PAS is not involved in such acts and the PAS leadership will never allow its members to carry out such silly and uncivilised actions,” he said.

‘Agent provocateurs’

Azmir (left) called on those attempting to create provocations to stop doing so, saying the people were clear on the objectives of Bersih.

“We advise these agent provocateurs to stop their extreme acts. The more you provoke, the more people will be coming to Kuala Lumpur on July 9.

“Bersih is a peaceful assembly with the noble aim of demanding fair elections,” he added.

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