Malott dares “never cheated” Najib to implement 4 key election reforms

Former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott has dared Prime Minister Najib Razak to put his money where his mouth and prove that UMNO “has never cheated in any election” by implementing 4 key reforms, including allowing foreign observers and indelible ink.

In an open letter to Malaysiakini, Malott – who is believed to have been barred from entering the country due his outspokeness – urged Najib not to keep reneging on his word.

“You say that Malaysia’s elections are free and fair. Now you have a chance to prove it to the outside world and remove all doubts. And if your party wins, then the Malaysian people – and the world – might finally be convinced,” wrote Malott.

“As a result of the developments on July 9, the world is now paying increased attention to Malaysia.  In particular, we now wonder how free and fair your nation’s elections are. We have learned that some of your country’s citizens believe that Malaysia needs electoral reform. On July 9, they marched with a coalition called Bersih 2.0, and they called for free and fair elections.”

“You responded by declaring Bersih illegal and suppressing the ‘Walk for Democracy’ with overwhelming police force. The world noticed your heavy-handed reaction, and it wondered why a peaceful demonstration calling for fair elections bothered you so much – so much so that you were willing to risk Malaysia’s international reputation – and give your country and yourself a major black eye.”

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