More ‘instant Malaysians’ discovered after IC scam

More 'instant Malaysians' discovered after IC scam

 After the revelation yesterday by several blogs and portals includingHarakahdaily about a non-citizen registered as a voter – only to find the person’s status changed to ‘Malaysian citizen’ hours later, a PAS division has discovered many similar cases.

Right: “Rita” and “Saifuddin”, among Malaysia’s latest citizens since yesterday
According to the division’s deputy chairman, Mismah, a voter in Ijok whose status had been listed as a permanent resident holding a MyPR red card on the National Registration Department’s website before it changed to a blue MyKad, is not the last person to be that lucky.

Khairul Anuar Manap revealed a total of 52 similar cases in which the permanent residents had their status changed to Malaysian citizens in matter of hours since the news made headlines yesterday.


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