Red and blue shocker as voter becomes Malaysian following revelations


Aug 2: After PAS Youth’s revelation on July 21 of suspicious entries with overlapping identity cards, a blog today has revealed shocking instances of what are possibly non-citizens being accepted as voters by the Election Commission.

RED AND BLUE SHOCKER … The red card evolved into blue as this report was being written (Images shown are results from NRD’s website. The red MyPR card earlier shown is now replaced by the blue MyKad)

The blogger who goes by the name “Perisik Rakyat” uncovered 169 names whose identification numbers have the two-digit  “71” after the six digits denoting one’s date of birth. The number “71” denotes that the bearer was not born in Malaysia. However, their citizenship status cannot be confirmed.

When several of these identifications numbers were cross checked by Harakahdaily with the National Registration Department’s online checking system (, it was found that at least one cardholder is shown to carry the red MyPR card, which denotes the person is ‘permanent resident’.

And in an incredible twist, the same search at 4.03 pm, less than an hour after our first search, returned a different result. The red MyPR has turned into the blue MyKad!

The said permanent resident who has suddenly turned into a Malaysian citizen today is one Mismah, whose identification number is 640704715238 and is listed as a permanent resident on the NRD website. Mismah is eligible to vote at the Ijok state constituency in Selangor in the next general election, according to the Election Commission record (

Two other entries, “Basri Buru bin Aliman” and “Soessje Scwanne Jetty Silvana Groeneveld” bearing MyKad numbers 250622715425 and 380424715016 respectively, have been found to be registered as voters. Their records were however not found on NRD’s website.

The rest of instances provided by the blogger are found to be citizens according to NRD’s website.

‘Instant citizenships’

The latest revelation may somewhat vindicate claims that the NRD and EC had been in cahoots with UMNO to legalise foreigners are voters by approving instant citizenships.

Earlier, two PAS members of parliament Kamaruddin Jaafar and Siti Mariah revealed a secret plan to instantly approve thousands of citizenship applications in exchange for votes to Barisan Nasional.

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