Generous M’sia rushes to hand out PRs, citizenships ahead of polls

Written by  J. D. Lovrenciear 

It appears that the powers that be are in an express rush to fast track the population boom in the country. The question is are we really under populated that thousands have to be given citizenship, PR status and work permits to stay in the country for extended periods?

Even our neighboring nations across our borders and seas are extremely careful in permitting foreign workers to hole up in their countries.

They are extremely frugal but prudent when it comes to awarding PR status. And their stringent standards to awarding citizenship are even tighter.

But that does not seem to be the case in Malaysia these days. We are coming up with all kinds of schemes that continue to see an invasion of foreign nationals into the country. So much so even the economic activities mushrooming in the country are obviously created to serve these communities solely.

Just take a look at grocery stores, restaurants and entertainment outlets and shopping centers. What do these tell you? What about the kind of foodstuff that is increasing even filling our wet markets and pasar malams?

It is very indicative that today Malaysia has such a sizeable foreign community that it makes good business sense to even set up shop in our own Tamans just to cater for their daily needs.

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