The Season of Blundering Buffoons

By Masterwordsmith

While some might think the dust is settling after the release of the EO6, a storm could be brewing instead. Following the gross mishandling of the Bersih 2.0 rally and post-Bersih events, BN has been scurrying to execute damage control but to no avail. Why?

Legal or Illegal?

To declare Bersih 2.0 as an illegal organization is a big mistake because it is not an organization but a coalition of 62 organizations which are LEGALLY registered.

There is no necessity for a coalition to be registered. All they did was to come together to pursue certain electoral reforms for a stronger and more democratic system. For that matter, Pakatan Rakyat is also not registered but is it considered illegal since it is a coalition of 3 legally registered parties?

If there are defects in any system such as the judiciary, the police or the bureaucracy, responsible citizens have to push for changes. Is anything wrong with that?

Bear in mind that the King met with Bersih 2.0 Chairperson S.Ambiga  and not Ibrahim Ali.

What does that tell us?

Besides, the IGP also said that Bersih 2.0 could have the rally at the Shah Alam Stadium. Even then, the Bernama statement has contradictions. Details HERE.

So why and when did it become illegal? Simple – when they perceived that the organizers had defied them. When threatened, logic and reason fizzle into thin air and then the seeds of fear would be sown.

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