Suhakam report: Clear evidence police attacked Tung Shin, what say you Liow

Suhakam report: Clear evidence police attacked Tung Shin, what say you Liow

 Written by  Stan Lee, Malaysia Chronicle

After interviewing 18 eyewitnesses, going through photos and video evidence obtained from members of the public, Tenaganita has concluded that the police did use excessive force, firing tear gas and chemical-laced water, into the compounds of the Tung Shin and Chinese Maternity hospitals.

In a report submitted to and commissioned by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia or Suhakam,Tenaganita said it conducted interviews via email or through direct interviews (in person and over the phone) with witnesses who had been present on the grounds of either hospital on July 9, the day of the free and fair election polls organised by Bersih 2.0.

“The testimonies of the 18 witnesses and the photographic evidence obtained demonstrate clearly that Tung Shin Hospital and Chinese Maternity Hospital were attacked by the enforcement officers with tear gas and chemical-laced water cannons, and that the police exercised brutal and excessive force against participants seeking refuge within the hospital compound.  This violation of the principle of ‘hospitals as places of sanctuary’ and the police brutality witnessed must be taken by Human Rights Commission with utmost urgency,” Tenaganita said in its report.

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