Malaysians in an uproar as BN voting fraud exposed

Written by  Dana Kay, Malaysia Chronicle

Malaysians are in danger of losing their beloved country if immediate steps are not taken to stop the government’s electoral manipulation of illegal immigrants’ status to allow them voting rights so that power-crazed leaders can stay in power.

In the case of one Indonesian permanent resident, Mismah, it was revealed that her status was changed from PR to full citizen within hours so as to allow her full voting rights. In Selangor, 1,000 permanent residents and in Penang 1,500 were found on the voter rolls although only full-fleged voters can have such rights. Again in Penang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng discovered a staggering 32,000 new voters being registered within three months.

There are now growing calls for Pakatan Raykat leaders, the NGOs and the people to join forces and demand a stop to the huge voter cheating going on. It has become clear that Prime Minister Najib Razak has lost his way, and the latest hot tip leaked by former deputy minister Tan Kee Kwong is that the BN has hired an IT expert to create a virus to destroy the voter database in the event that the Pakatan wins.

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