Another fraud find: Police, army keep dual I.C.s

After revelations about “instant Malaysians” and non-Malaysians being allowed to register as voters, another expose is set to rile up calls to accelerate electoral reforms.

The latest revelation has to do with police and army officers retaining their civilian identity cards in addition to their police and army identity cards.

“They are found to have two ICs. One card is identity card for armed forces personnel, which allows for postal voting. Another is normal IC which allows the same person to vote like the rest.

“As far as I know, the civilian card has to be kept with the relevant ministry when the holder is on duty,” said Rantau Panjang PAS chief Abdul Fatah Harun .

Expressing shock over the findings, Fatah promised to reveal more  such instances.

“I have proofs of this allegation. Many policemen and army officers have admitted that they indeed have two identity cards,” he said.

According to Fatah, if proven true, it showed yet again UMNO’s dirty tricks to remain in power.

“Perhaps this is why the government is so excited to introduce the biometric system as opposed to Bersih 2.0’s demand to apply indelible ink on voters after casting their votes,” he quipped.

Another expose

Meanwhile, a blog called “Perisik Rakyat” today revealed that a voter, Sulong bin Jalil, has been detected to possess two identity cards, a blue MyKad and a purple MyKas, which is the temporary permanent resident card valid for five years.

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