biometric is bn’s latest decoy

Opposition leaders are fearful that the Election Commission’s proposal to use the Biometric system will lead to more abuse. The biggest fear was that the government would do anything by ‘hook or crook’ to stay in power to the extent of selling the country to ‘foreigners’.

State assemblyman for Batu Lintang, See Chee How who is also Sarawak PKR publicity chief, is not surprised that the Election Commission is thinking of the Biometric system to coax the people to calm down after Bersih.

“The strength and unity of the people in Bersih has got the government worried and that they wanted to pacify the people first. It’s just like the first Bersih rally where they suggested the indelible ink and then the whole thing was dropped just before the election,” he told Malaysia Chronicle.

Starting at the top

See also expressed his concern on the Project M, the allegation of granting citizenship to immigrants from neighbouring countries, the majority of whom were illegal. Identity cards were given to these foreigners in exchange for their votes for the ruling parties.

“These are all the abuses of how the government runs the election. If they are sincere, they should have engaged with the organizers of Bersih and discussed on how things are going to be done. Get feedback from Bersih. After all, Bersih has worked out eight points. To have a clean election means the game is over for BN, thus their reluctance to do so,” he added.

See said the first thing the government could do to show it was sincere was to get rid of the present leaders inside the Election Commission, and let it be run as a truly indeppendent body.

“At the moment, the top guns at the EC speak like they are UMNO politicians; so how fair do you expect the election to be?” he stated.

Project M

MP for Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen expressed his concern that Indonesian workers, especially those in oil palm plantations, would be given citizenship in exchange for votes for the Barisan Nasional.

“Do not forget Najib’s infamous statement, by hook or crook, we will protect Putrajaya. And I can tell you, he is prepared to protect Putrajaya with all the crooked ideas he can think of,” Chong told Malaysia Chronicle.

Chong said the DAP’s stand is that they do not believe in the Biometric system. “It is too costly and subjected to abuses. Why not use the indelible ink. It is time the BN government stop making excuses.”

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