Sabah: Stories From The East

By Ryan Soo, Saturday, April 30, 2011

… This has actually happened on a wide scale. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants or pendatang tanpa izin becoming Sabahans. This exercise was called “Project IC” or “Project M”. Dr Chong Eng Leong, a former Sabah senator turned activist, estimated more than 600,000 new Sabahans “appeared” in such a way.

These people, in turn, are extreme Federal loyalists. Who, in those circumstances, wouldn’t be? They were thrown a lifeline. They were given a chance to stay and be treated as an equal in Sabah — in a land they struggled so hard to enter. If not loyal, they are at least grateful. Guess who these 600,000 new Sabahans will vote for?

Didn’t someone recently say Sabah is a “fixed deposit”? Well, that person is correct.

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