Alarm over 100,000 new citizens-cum-voters

Alarm over 100,000 new citizens-cum-voters
Aug 10: PAS vice president Husam Musa (right) today lambasted the government’s over the exposure that 100,000 foreigners had been given citizenship by the National Registration Department in order to register them as voters.

Husam also questioned the criteria for a person to be accepted as Malaysian citizen, and drew comparison with a neighbouring country’s policy.

“In Singapore, the government filters applications taking into account an applicant’s strength, such as one’s talent and profession, for example sportsmen.

“But it is so different in our country. As long as they will vote for the government, they will be given citizenship by filling up the forms,” said Husam.

Husam said Bangladeshis and Chinese were also among those who submitted their forms and who were not subjected to any background checks, adding that the “conspiracy has placed the country in danger”.

His comments came in the wake of continuous revelations by the new media about permanent residents being listed as eligible voters. This was followed by the discovery that their status had suddenly changed on the NRD website, showing them as the blue MyKad cardholders.

Husam said it was puzzling that these newly crowned citizens had almost immediately registered themselves as voters, adding that there must be somebody masterminding such efforts.

“Those people are only interested to become citizens, not voters, but they are already registered as voters,” said the Kelantan state Exco member.

He called on political parties especially Pakatan Rakyat to come out with a solution.

“The people of Malaysia must protest. This is a dangerous act,” he warned.

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