Hisham, you got it all wrong once again. How could you compare the London riots with that of the Bersih protest? Any Dick, Tom and Harry knows the difference between the two and don’t tell us that if our police had not acted the way they did, we would have suffered the same consequences as the London riots. Hisham was merely echoing (supposedly, without giving much thoughts) what was said by the DIGP Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar earlier.
Please Hisham, you still think that we Malaysian are so naïve and to be told of the untold destruction the Bersih rally could have caused to the peace and security of this country. To me, had there been no water cannons or tear gas, the rally would have fizzled out in just a few hours, with no arrest, injuries and even death. The protestors would have given a huge thumb up to the police for their patience and cooperation. And I am quite sure Hisham would have gained much popularity for this, and I quite sure too that even Pak Samad would have some kind words for the government.

Hisham and the rest said that the authorities acted in a ‘civil way’, and the police had to justify their activities by showing videos to the press of their supposedly civilised way of handling a peaceful protest demanding a free and fair election. Even the electronic media with the courtesy of the Information Ministry went all out to proof their ‘innocence’, but the fact of the matter is that civil society and particularly those that were at the rally knows exactly what happened. They say that you need to cover a lie with a bigger lie, and that was what the authorities actually did to cover their lies; and one clear example was the incident at Tung Shin Hospital. Despite all the evidences, not a word of apology and regrets from the authorities………….what sheer arrogance.

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