EC, no more excuses. Use indelible ink

EC, no more excuses. Use indelible ink
Aug 13, 11 7:57am
your say‘Look at the MyKad numbers. Only one digit is different in all three cases. This points to organised fraud, not error.’

‘Clone’ voters are Umno members, discovers PAS

Hello: Election Commission chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof cannot explain in simple language the issues of double registration of voters.

If his system is not full proof, then he should listen to Bersih and adopt some of their suggestions. To straighten out the mistakes (or is it purposely done?) is very easy.

But the EC keeps denying that it cannot be done or they don’t have the power. And now we find that some of the double registration of voters are Umno members. In any other country, the EC chief would be thrown out, if not charged with treason.


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