V pay to attend Bersih 2.0

We donated to Bersih but we particularly donated to PAS who appealed for funds to house their people coming from out of State. When the cheque of RM3000 was given at PAS HQ, the front desk asked us how the receipt should be addressed. Our donor-rep wrote this on the receipt:


Besides money, the participants were also given free meals, he said. 

Again you have no proof of this but we have proof that the PDRM feted our comrades who were arrested with nasi bryaini and fried chicken. We were reliably informed by our friends in PDRM that it was meant for Khairi’s boys. It would not look good if they were given preferential treatment so the food was re-ordered for all arrested. It was staged of course and your boot-licking MSM made capital of this magnanimity. Of course we all had a good laugh, if you did not know! 

“This proves that the action taken by those wearing the yellow shirts or their leaders was moved by political rewards,” he said after breaking fast with residents in Felda Lui Timur in Jempol today.

How dare you spred this lie during a break fast session in this holy month? And you think you can bluff Felda people? You have lost it, if ever you had it! Honesty and credibility, that is!

For full story Here – http://zorro-zorro-unmasked.blogspot.com/2011/08/rais-sir-thick.html


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