Polls reform panel useless if under government control, says PAS

By Lisa J Ariffin, The Malaysian Insider

The parliamentary select committee on electoral reform is useless if it is under the control of the government, PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub said today.

“There is no use having a select committee if it is still follows parliamentary culture and the government is in charge and we are the minority,” he told reporters at the PAS headquarters this afternoon.

His remarks today followed the Najib administration’s announcement yesterday that it would form a select committee on electoral reform.

“We were not informed. There was no consultation with us at all. What type or structure of select committee, we do not know. So now we are waiting for the terms of reference of the committee,” Salahuddin said.

“We are disappointed as to why the PM rushed to form the committee when all political parties were not consulted,” he added.

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