100,000 instant citizenships: Can Pakatan still hope to win GE-13

Written by  Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Nearly a week has passed since PAS vice president Husam Musa lambasted the government over the disclosure that 100,000 foreigners were given citizenships by the National Registration Department so as to qualify them as voters. As usual, not a single sound has come back from the Election Commission or Prime Minister Najib Razak despite insisting he was sincere to get to root of the votes fraud problem.

Strange that Najib is willing to set up a bi-partisan Parliamentary Select Committee but not ready to order an immediate probe, which should be simpler, to look into this seismic fraud allegation.

Husam had said Bangladeshis and Chinese were also among those who submitted their forms and were not subjected to any background checks, adding that the “conspiracy has placed the country in danger”.

To him, it was puzzling that these newly-crowned citizens had almost immediately registered themselves as voters, adding that there must be somebody masterminding such efforts. “Those people are only interested to become citizens and not voters.”

He then called on political parties especially Pakatan Rakyat to come out with a solution. “The people of Malaysia must protest. This is a dangerous act,” he warned.

Well the cat is out of the bag. First there was evidence of 1,600 foreigners who were given citizenship and became instant voters in Selangor. Then an extra 30,000 voters were discovered in Penang. But the revelation by Husam Musa takes the cake at 100,000 voters.

For full story Here http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=17649:malaysia-welcomes-with-open-arms-all-new-citizens-to-our-beloved-country&Itemid=2


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