Armed Forces chief warns staff: It is treachery to expose votes cheating

Written by  Stan Lee

In a bid to head off more revelations of votes cheating, Armed Forces chief General Zulkifeli Mohd Zin put on his fiercest face and warned that it was “treachery” for staff to blow the whistle on their bosses.

In a rare public statement issued on Thursday, Zulkifeli also rebuked “irresponsible parties” for implicating the armed forces and its personnel in corrupt voting procedures.

“The actions can be interpreted as treachery and it should stop immediately. The ATM (armed forces) is the nation’s wall of defence that should be supported by all levels of the people, regardless of ethnicity, religion and political position,” Zulkifeli, who heads the Armed Forces, said in a statement out on Thursday.

“It is hoped that the ATM is not made a scapegoat by those seeking to advance their own interests. Tthe people should show their support and appreciation for the contributions of the ATM.  In this context: ‘How can we be loyal to you if you are disloyal to us’?”

He was immediately condemned for getting over-emotional and above his position with his words.

“This shows Zulkifeli’s own bias. Like the Election Commission chief and deputy chief, he is now also speaking like an UMNO leader. This strengthens the case for an immediate revamp of the electoral system based on the Bersih recommendations,” PKR vice president Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

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