EVYbody: 709阿JIB哥唔沖涼(with Eng subtitles)

Uploaded by  on 30 Aug 2011

We salute everyone who dares to stand up for their rights. This MV is a participatory project of 50 Malaysians, generation of 709. We believe we can make a change, and we NEED to change! Stop ignoring and start walking! Practise your rights and come out to vote wisely! There is still hope if you do.

This song and mv is a work of EVYbody. EVYbody is not a band. We are not even musicians. To find out more about us, join us on facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/evybody and click “like”

Read about “Meet the totally reformed MCA…”  from http://www.magickriver.org/2011/09/meet-totally-reformed-mca.html

That’s right, folks, from now on the only MCA I acknowledge is the Mutant Chinese Association, as beautifully represented by the talented team who created this catchy video inspired by BERSIH 2.0 (hence the 709 tag). Go to their Facebook page and give them a LIKE – at least!

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