The traitors who sold our nation to immigrants

The traitors who sold our nation to immigrants
Sep 4, 11 9:46am
vox populi small thumbnail‘Thousands of Filipinos and Indonesian to become citizens in Sabah in exchange for votes. The same is happening in the peninsula now.’
RCI on Sabah illegal migrants unlikely, says cable

Disgusted: The people who sold Sabah to Umno are the Sabahan traitors from PBS, Upko, PBRS, etc – leaders like Pairin Kitingan, Bernard Dompok, Maximus Ongkili and Joseph Kurup of Kadazandusun (the largest ethnic group).

They have supported Umno and allowed it to increase the Muslim population via Project M by granting citizenship to immigrants (whether illegal or legal immigrants) and giving them identity documents known as IC (identity card), and subsequently MyKad, and allowing them to register as voters to keep Umno-BN in power.

Dhammika: This Wikileaks cable is shocking. Previously this news was considered rumours, but now it seems to be the truth. Dr Mahathir Mohamad has sowed very bad seeds under his premiership. The roots are now too deep to be eradicated.

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