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‘Economist’ report on Bersih rally ‘censored’

‘Economist’ report on Bersih rally ‘censored’ Hazlan Zakaria & Wong Teck Chi Jul 19, 11 1:02pm Opposition parliamentarians have claimed that the July 16 edition of The Economist has been defaced by the Home Ministry in an apparent attempt to … Continue reading

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Taken to the cleaners : An overzealous government response to an opposition rally

Jul 14th 2011 | SINGAPORE | from the print edition MALAYSIA is one of South-East Asia’s stabler nations; but a rally in Kuala Lumpur on July 9th in demand of electoral reform turned surprisingly nasty, leading to the arrest of more than … Continue reading

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Political demonstration in Malaysia – Crackdown in KL

  BY ALL accounts, it was a rough weekend in Kuala Lumpur. A rally on July 9th demanding electoral reform for Malaysia turned nasty, ending in the arrest of more than 1,600 people. The police fired tear gas and water … Continue reading

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